March Favourites

Hello everyone!

So it’s officially April 1st. (I really don’t like how fast it’s going) So because March is over I’ve decided at the end of each month I’m going to do a favourites post, So this one will include some of my favourite things that have happened in March!

Firstly, one of my favourite things that has happened this month is coming back to Yorkshire for Easter. At the moment I’m unbelievably stressed as I graduate this year and I have SO many essays and projects to complete. I just want to hide in a little cave really and forget about them, but unfortunately that isn’t an option. Coming back to Yorkshire for a break was definitely what I needed. I’ve started back up running these past couple of months and you really can’t beat running round the Yorkshire countryside as the sun is setting. This picture just makes me fall more and more in love with Yorkshire.


I also went to go see Ludovico Einaudi live after waiting so long to see him, and on top of that I got to interview him (which is already explained in another blog post) That was pretty incredible and definitely a highlight of March. But if you haven’t seen already heres the selfie I got with him. (I still can’t get over it)


I started watching a new series on Netflix, which is now my favourite –  ‘House of Cards.’ If you’ve never seen this you’re missing out, it’s brilliant. That’s all I’m going to say. Just watch it.

Over the Easter weekend there was an incredible charity event in Memory of my good friend Liam. This included live music, food, drink and even a burger was named after him! The charity L.I.A.M – which stands for (Laughter, Inspiration, Art and Music) is doing amazingly well and I’m so thrilled that I get to be a part of it. 12814684_10206855957291116_5077583102150373764_n


Throughout March I went to numerous gigs where I saw some of my closest friends perform. This is always a pleasure as I LOVE watching friends do their thing on stage. 2 of my absolute favourites have to be Romario and Runah. (I’ll leave links to their music and pages below, be sure to check them out!)

I know for a fact whenever I see Romario live, I will never be disappointed, his personality is just as big as his voice, he’s insanely talented. I was so impressed with his set, I knew he was good but seeing him live properly for the first time in a while was awesome to watch. I forgot how much soul that guy has! His next gig is on Wednesday 13th April, Night & Day Cafe (Manchester) 8.00pm. If anyone is around I highly recommend to go and see him! 11148757_404095086449231_1705278754542443369_n

Next up is Runah, fronted by the beautiful Tara May, their set was absolutely magical. I think thats the only way to describe it. In March this was the first time I’d seen them live since about a year ago and you could tell how professional everything was. It was so beautifully haunting to watch, and I could’t take my eyes off Tara. They incorporate poetry into their set which is so different to anything thats happening in the music industry today, but the words they use are so delicately written. I love watching friends progress with their music and seeing where they are now, its pretty amazing.


If you want to check out their music and websites here are some links;






There are so many more favourites I could mention but I don’t want to ramble on too long!

Anyway until next time..

Lots of Love

R x

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