Frances Ivy – Dear Moon

This weeks blog post is something really special, I had the amazing opportunity to interview the beautiful and incredibly talented Frances Ivy. Her book ‘Dear Moon’ is a favourite of mine and after this blog post I’m sure it will be yours too.


1. When did you first get into writing?

‘I used to write short stories ever since I knew how to write, maybe I was inspired by my big sister who was always writing or reading books but honestly I don’t remember.’

2. What is the inspiration behind your writing?

‘Everything I write is from my own experiences and emotions, so the inspiration really comes from within. I use myself as my muse really but mostly I’m inspired by self reflection and the idea of finding out why I feel or do certain things.’

3. Do you have any favourite quotes/passages?

‘If you have my book then page 3 and 56 are two poems that I feel very strongly about, otherwise one of my favourite short poems/quotes is “Almost winter, but inside of me summer is thriving” because that was written on a day when I felt at peace with everything, it was a beautiful day.’

4. What advice would you give a young aspiring writer?

‘Write from your soul and be true to yourself, don’t think about how others will think or perceive your writing but focus solely on how you like it yourself. When I let go of the worry of not being accepted or liked or understood, that’s when I felt like my writing started flowing more freely and I was able to express myself in the way I wanted to. Of course I still struggle with self doubt sometimes, but I’ve learned how to use it in a way that is beneficial for my writing, in a way that makes me grow as a person and a poet. I believe it shines through if you aren’t authentic in what you do, and then less people will be able to relate.’

5. What other writers/poets do you look up to?

‘I adore Sylvia Plath and she was the first contact I had with poetry. Other poets I admire (among many) are Charles Bukowski and Margaret Atwood.’

6. If you didn’t write, what would your career path be?

‘I started college in fashion design so either that or something else where I could be creative. I’ve tried so many things but all of that has in some way been an attempt to fulfill the need for creativity, but I haven’t been truly happy doing any of it. I liked fashion design but I didn’t like the competitive nature of the industry, that just wasn’t me.’

7. What is your favourite childhood book and why?

‘My all time favourite book from my childhood is ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ by Katherine Paterson. When I read it, it was like it opened up the world not only to fantasy, but in a way the secret world of adulthood that I was in so many ways sheltered from. It made me think more about life and death and love and failure, all those things which kids know about, but adults don’t think they do. It was an escape from the real world as much as it was the gate to the real world, if that makes any sense. I reread it a few years ago and loved it even more.’

8. What are you currently reading now?

‘Dandelion Wine’ by Ray Bradbury. I’ve intended to read this for a long time and I finally came to it, and it is written in such a beautiful language and the characters are so pure and real and it makes you reflect on a lot of things. I like to read books that makes me think, that challenge my perception. This book is also like an ode to childhood and it makes me remember what a beautiful time that was.’

9. What is your writing process? Do you have a certain routine?

‘In my mind I’m always writing. I observe everything around me and I am constantly writing things down on my phone or in my notebook, but usually it all comes together when I’m alone, listening to music. My favorite “routine” is being by myself, laying on the floor, having some of my favorite music on and just listen to the sound of instruments. It sounds cliché but when I’m laying there with my notebook in front of me and let go of everything and everyone, words start pouring out and poems are formed. It’s usually a very emotional process and that’s why I like being alone, it’s easier to be vulnerable when no one is watching.’

10. Do you ever suffer from writers block? If so how do you get yourself motivated again?

‘Not really. I might not write anything of worth some days but I’m still writing. Either poems, or small lines that I might put in a poem later, or diary notes. Since I find most of the inspiration from my own life I never run out of it, I guess, there is always something.’

11. What message do you want your readers to take from your writing?

‘That it’s okay not to be strong or happy or always making the right choices. I think we must accept and highlight that sometimes life just isn’t perfect, and that we must learn to deal with that too. My writing isn’t necessarily supposed to empower or heal anything because I personally still have a lot of struggles which I don’t yet know how to deal with, but if someone can find themselves in my words then maybe that’s a sort of empowerment because it makes us realise we’re not alone in our hurting, we’re not alone making mistakes. What I have found since I started to share my work is that there are SO many people just like me, who can relate to my experiences. To me that shows that I’m not the only one who’s failed or been broken, and it gives me courage to keep going.’

12. What are your current/future projects that we can look forward too? 

‘Well, I’m constantly writing but at the moment I will focus on ‘Dear Moon’ and cherish this time in my life, I have so many ideas on how to improve and develop as a person and a writer and I hope to be able to share that in the future. Although my main priority right now is to really try to be in the moment. I am always searching for things in the future and then I forget that life is right here and right now, and I don’t want to look back and realise I was thinking about the next thing, when the last next thing was happening in that very moment. The release of ‘Dear Moon’ has been a long time dream and now it’s happening, I want to be present.’


I hope you enjoyed this blog – If you want to check out any of Frances Ivy’s pages or a link to buy the Incredible ‘Dear Moon’ – Links are below.

To buy ‘Dear Moon’ – click here

Twitter – click here

Instagram – click here


Lots of Love x

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