Love wins. It always will.

Love wins. It always will.

I don’t even know how to begin this post, but I felt drawn to writing something. Last nights events in Manchester were unbelievably tragic. Manchester was my home for 3 years whilst I was a student last year and in my third year I worked at the MEN arena. This time last year that was my place of work, I made friends there I still keep in contact with now and I was heartbroken to see what had happened. Forever thankful that my friends who were working that night made it out safely.

Manchester was my home away from home. I was comfortable there, safe, I knew the city and I loved the people. What happened last night is something that will remain in everyones hearts, but Manchester will not be defeated. It never will.

The compassion and kindness that the people of Manchester have shown for each other, the way they have rallied together in their time of need, the way they have expressed their love for each other and done everything they could possibly do shows what an incredible city Manchester is.

We can’t be afraid or scared, we have to be strong and stand together.

FEAR and LOVE. Whilst right now it feels that fear is winning, love will conquer all.

Let us not have fear control us, let us love as much as we did yesterday and let us continue to love passionately from these days moving forward. Let us be the light in this time of tragic darkness. We can’t and we won’t let the darkness win.

Let us have hope as we unite not just as a city but as country. Continue to spread kindness and peace, nothing is more powerful then love. The love for each other. The love for our city. The love for our country. Let us be a team.

When we come together as a community, the terrorists fall. When we open our arms and hearts to each other they despair. They want to take all they can from us, but we as human beings, as a united front will never let them.


My heart breaks for the victims of this tragedy and their friends and family. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected during this tragic time. 



Glossybox Beauty Products – May

So recently I’ve signed up for a monthly delivery of beauty products from Glossy box. My sister got me into it as she’s been with them for over a year and the stuff you receive are amazing! I’ll put all the info in how to sign up at the end of this post. You answer questions about your skin and make up prefrences and each month they will send you a box full of goodies matched to your answers. So I thought as something different to what I usually write I would write a post on each monthly box, I’ll try them out and you let you all know what I think!

First off, which is probably my favourite from this months box is the avocado and aloe vera scrub. So last week I decided to have some quality time with myself and run a hot bath, pour myself some proscecco and try out this body scrub. I learnt during this experience that it’s probably best to apply when you’re in the shower, or at the very end of the bath. When I was applying it, it felt like and looked like I had been rubbing soil all over myself, so it wasn’t the prettiest sight. But it smelled amazing. After soaking for a little bit and listening to some old Maroon 5 hits I washed it off and my skin has honestly never felt so smooth. It was almost like a silk texture. I smelt great and felt great, so if anyone is needing a little pampering session this scrub is right up your street.

Buy it here! 



Next is Ruby blush powder, I love trying out different blushers so I was really excited to try this new one out when I received it with the box. I was going out for some drinks so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I absolutely love the colour of this blush, if anyone loves nice rosy cheeks then this is perfect, you only need a little bit on your face as its very bright and strong, but it’s very summery! I will definitely be using this again!

Buy it here! 



Another one of my favourites is the Sleek make up eye and cheek palette. I’ve purchased quite a few things from sleek before and I’m a huge fan. It’s great quality but really affordable, so at uni this was my go to make up! It has lots of different sections with different colours so you can change up your look, it has a highlighter and contour section with different colours of blush and eyeshadows. It’s a nice size so it can easily fit in your bag so you can top up on the go! I’ve used this on nights out and during the day so it can work anytime, highly recommend this!

Buy it here!



Next up is PAWPAW original balm, which I have never heard of before and when I saw it in the box I was wondering what it was, but I absolutely love it now. It’s basically a soothing balm for lips, skin and nails. So it pretty much works everywhere! I’m a huge lover of vaseline (as I’m sure everyone knows already) but this works wonders on your lips, it has a really nice smooth texture and doesn’t leave you feeling all sticky, if you have dry, irritated or cracked skin this really soothes it and is great to take with you on your travels as it also helps with insect bites!

Buy it here!



Last but not least is Ocean 417 foot nourishing cream, now this has to be my favourite foot cream EVER. I can’t even begin to describe the smell because its amazing, it’s a mix of fruit and summer and happiness. It’s beautiful. It leaves your feet feeling so smooth that you could glide round your house, I’ve started applying it at night time so it can work it’s magic when I’m asleep. If you suffer from cracked or dry feet then this will be perfect for you as it really soothes the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling irritated. It’s great to apply when you’ve just had a pedicure and now sandal weather is approaching it’s the perfect time to buy some!

Buy it here! 



If you’re wanting to sign up to Glossybox for your monthly goody box then click here! All you need to do is sign up and create an account, answer some questions and then you’re all ready.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, it’s something very different to what I usually write but it’s been so much fun trying out these different beauty products. This will be a monthly post from now on so I’m already excited for next month!

Lots of love,

R x