Love wins. It always will.

Love wins. It always will.

I don’t even know how to begin this post, but I felt drawn to writing something. Last nights events in Manchester were unbelievably tragic. Manchester was my home for 3 years whilst I was a student last year and in my third year I worked at the MEN arena. This time last year that was my place of work, I made friends there I still keep in contact with now and I was heartbroken to see what had happened. Forever thankful that my friends who were working that night made it out safely.

Manchester was my home away from home. I was comfortable there, safe, I knew the city and I loved the people. What happened last night is something that will remain in everyones hearts, but Manchester will not be defeated. It never will.

The compassion and kindness that the people of Manchester have shown for each other, the way they have rallied together in their time of need, the way they have expressed their love for each other and done everything they could possibly do shows what an incredible city Manchester is.

We can’t be afraid or scared, we have to be strong and stand together.

FEAR and LOVE. Whilst right now it feels that fear is winning, love will conquer all.

Let us not have fear control us, let us love as much as we did yesterday and let us continue to love passionately from these days moving forward. Let us be the light in this time of tragic darkness. We can’t and we won’t let the darkness win.

Let us have hope as we unite not just as a city but as country. Continue to spread kindness and peace, nothing is more powerful then love. The love for each other. The love for our city. The love for our country. Let us be a team.

When we come together as a community, the terrorists fall. When we open our arms and hearts to each other they despair. They want to take all they can from us, but we as human beings, as a united front will never let them.


My heart breaks for the victims of this tragedy and their friends and family. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected during this tragic time. 



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