Essays and stress..

Hello guys!

I had a really cool idea for this blog post – since the end of the academic year is coming closer, or the end of our whole university degree for many of us, we are swamped down with millions of essays. (By millions I mean several) With loads of essays comes a huge amount of stress. Through this post I just wanted to share some tips and ideas with how to deal with stress. I’m no expert in how to deal with stress at all, but I’ve found some useful tools that have helped me, so I thought it would be really cool to share!

The first thing to do is write a list. I can’t recommend this enough. I didn’t realise everything I had to do until I wrote it all down. I then sorted out a little timetable, this is a really helpful idea – I’ve planned my days in advance with what I’m going to do. So when it comes to it I’m not stressing about which essay I should do first as it’s all planned out!

Secondly, If you’re feeling stressed out and you’re worried about how much you have on your plate, get out of the house! Go for a long walk or a run and have time to clear your head. I can guarantee when you come back you will be thinking much clearer! The walk might even jog some ideas for what you want to write about or have to deal with!

Next, stop saying CAN’T. I’m sure many of us have been told when we were younger that there is no such word as ‘Can’t’. ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I can’t do that’. But as a matter of fact YOU CAN. Stop thinking negatively, I know it can be hard when you have a 4,000 word essay to write on a subject you really can’t be that bothered with, and automatically you just think I can’t do it. So whats the point. But there is a point, try and think positive and straight away you’ll see a shift in mood, and when I’m in a good mood I feel more motivated to do work! Stop thinking that you can’t do it, as long as you try your best and put your mind to it,  you’ll be surprised at how well you can actually do. c825e10b195db447261486dd0ebcdc82

Try not too compare yourself with how well other people are doing. I know it can be hard when your friend has written 3,000 more words than you and that’s made you feel a little crap, but stop focusing on how well everyone else is getting on and focus on you! Just because your friends have nearly finished an essay and you’re only half way through it, it doesn’t make what you’ve done any less of an achievement. Go at your own pace, some people work a lot faster than others and thats fine, everyone has their own pace to work at. Stop trying to be in line with everyone else, they’re not writing your work, you are. Go as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable.

Next, try and listen to music whilst you study. For some people listening to music when writing essays or revising doesn’t work, and thats fine. But if you’ve never tried it then I highly recommend it. I don’t mean blasting Drake or Beyonce full blast, but actually listening to music that has a calming and relaxing element to it. Instrumental music is great to study too, as there are no lyrics to distract you from what you’re writing and it has a really calming aura about it. Here are some links to some of my favourite pieces to work too;

  • This one may be around 3 hours long, but it’s absolutely beautiful. I used this all the way through second year when I was writing essays.


  • This album is all instrumental, and I’ve been a huge fan of Keaton Henson for a long time. Each piece is incredible. Give it a listen.
  • Obviously I was going to mention Ludovico Einaudi. Any of his albums really are great to study too.
  • Finally, the Theory of Everything soundtrack is another great album to listen too. When I went to go see this movie, I fell in love with the soundtrack. It’s unbelievable. There are some beautiful pieces on there which are great to study too. I highly recommend it.


Next, try and avoid procrastination. That’s easier said than done, but try not to leave everything till the last minute. I’ve done it before and it’s not exactly a great idea. Have a plan of what you’re going to study for that day. It will make everything a little easier for you, and you’ll feel great after you’ve completed what you’ve set out to do for the day!

Don’t be too hard on yourself! This is important! Stop thinking you have to be sat at your laptop for 12 hours straight everyday writing and revising. Give yourself a break, go hang out with some friends. (Maybe even start a little study group) Enjoy your time off and be kind to yourself. Don’t feel bad that you’re not working every minute of everyday. Its okay to have breaks!

Take care of your health – this may seem like a pretty pointless one but it’s actually one of the most important! Try and stay as healthy as you can – I don’t mean going on all these crazy diets but keep an eye on what you’re eating. Try and exercise and get a good nights sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to work.

Like I’ve said, I’m not an expert at dealing with stress, but trying out a few of these has really helped me recently with my work!

Hope you enjoy.

Lots of Love,

R x

March Favourites

Hello everyone!

So it’s officially April 1st. (I really don’t like how fast it’s going) So because March is over I’ve decided at the end of each month I’m going to do a favourites post, So this one will include some of my favourite things that have happened in March!

Firstly, one of my favourite things that has happened this month is coming back to Yorkshire for Easter. At the moment I’m unbelievably stressed as I graduate this year and I have SO many essays and projects to complete. I just want to hide in a little cave really and forget about them, but unfortunately that isn’t an option. Coming back to Yorkshire for a break was definitely what I needed. I’ve started back up running these past couple of months and you really can’t beat running round the Yorkshire countryside as the sun is setting. This picture just makes me fall more and more in love with Yorkshire.


I also went to go see Ludovico Einaudi live after waiting so long to see him, and on top of that I got to interview him (which is already explained in another blog post) That was pretty incredible and definitely a highlight of March. But if you haven’t seen already heres the selfie I got with him. (I still can’t get over it)


I started watching a new series on Netflix, which is now my favourite –  ‘House of Cards.’ If you’ve never seen this you’re missing out, it’s brilliant. That’s all I’m going to say. Just watch it.

Over the Easter weekend there was an incredible charity event in Memory of my good friend Liam. This included live music, food, drink and even a burger was named after him! The charity L.I.A.M – which stands for (Laughter, Inspiration, Art and Music) is doing amazingly well and I’m so thrilled that I get to be a part of it. 12814684_10206855957291116_5077583102150373764_n


Throughout March I went to numerous gigs where I saw some of my closest friends perform. This is always a pleasure as I LOVE watching friends do their thing on stage. 2 of my absolute favourites have to be Romario and Runah. (I’ll leave links to their music and pages below, be sure to check them out!)

I know for a fact whenever I see Romario live, I will never be disappointed, his personality is just as big as his voice, he’s insanely talented. I was so impressed with his set, I knew he was good but seeing him live properly for the first time in a while was awesome to watch. I forgot how much soul that guy has! His next gig is on Wednesday 13th April, Night & Day Cafe (Manchester) 8.00pm. If anyone is around I highly recommend to go and see him! 11148757_404095086449231_1705278754542443369_n

Next up is Runah, fronted by the beautiful Tara May, their set was absolutely magical. I think thats the only way to describe it. In March this was the first time I’d seen them live since about a year ago and you could tell how professional everything was. It was so beautifully haunting to watch, and I could’t take my eyes off Tara. They incorporate poetry into their set which is so different to anything thats happening in the music industry today, but the words they use are so delicately written. I love watching friends progress with their music and seeing where they are now, its pretty amazing.


If you want to check out their music and websites here are some links;






There are so many more favourites I could mention but I don’t want to ramble on too long!

Anyway until next time..

Lots of Love

R x

I met Ludovico Einaudi!

Hello everyone!!

So the last couple of days have been super busy and I haven’t stopped! (Which is a good thing!)

Monday night I had tickets to see Ludovico Einaudi live at the Bridgewater hall, which was absolutely incredible. I have never come away from a concert that inspired before, if you haven’t seen him live I highly recommend to go and see him, or even youtube him live. The whole band were so tight and worked so well together. Especially the violin and cello player….WOW. The best thing about the whole performance is how the music can make you feel.. (I know that sounds quite cheesy) I was constantly getting shivers and a tear may have been shed. His music is emotionally driven and each piece tells such a beautiful story. So as you can tell I enjoyed it very much!

Not only that but the morning after I got to interview him! When I found out I screamed and nearly collapsed. Meg thought something was seriously wrong.

So I got all my questions prepared and headed off to his hotel (which funnily enough is opposite where I live) His tour manager said to wait in the lobby, so I did. As I was waiting though I could see the band in the restaurant area…I could actually see Ludovico Einaudi eating breakfast and drinking coffee. This is where I fangirled slightly because I was actually watching Einaudi eat what I assume was a croissant. (very good choice)

He then walked over to me…then I started getting really nervous, I didn’t know whether to shake his hand or hug him, he’s italian so do I lean in for the kiss on each cheek!? As you can see I was definitely overthinking it. As he approached we just went for the casual handshake, I was cool with that. He had to go upstairs to his hotel room then he would be back down, at this point I text Meg saying – ‘HE JUST SHOOK MY HAND, I CAN’T BREATHE,  HES GONE UPSTAIRS BUT IS COMING BACK DOWN, DON’T REPLY BECAUSE I’M RECORDING THE INTERVIEW ON MY PHONE, I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW!’

I was very excited.

During the interview he was so lovely and made sure to answer each question in detail and took his time with it. He told me about how he got inspiration for certain songs and how long it takes to write his music, he talked about how he rehearses with the band and how he got into playing the piano in the first place. I was just sat in awe and just nodded my head because I couldn’t quite believe it. After the questions were finished he was more than happy to sign  a few things and take a selfie with me. Yes, that is correct. I got a selfie with Ludovico Einaudi.

Another handshake happened to finish the morning and I wished him the best of luck with the rest of his tour, I then made my way to lesson and had the biggest smile on my face. If I’m comparing it, it’s kind of like a 14 year old girl meeting One Direction or Justin Bieber. I’m not kidding.

Once I sort everything out I’ll be sure to put the interview in a blog at some point, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m now cracking on with Business revision..super fun.

Anyway until next time..

Lots of Love,

R xIMG_2925IMG_2927.JPG

New to this!

Hello Everyone!

So I thought it would be a really cool idea to start up a blog! Just to keep everyone updated on whats going on in my life, with my music and just general things that are happening. I’ve never done this before so I am slightly nervous…..

I don’t actually know how well I can write, my English GCSE doesn’t really say a lot (oops!) but I will give it ago anyway (HOW EXCITING!)

So today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is probably the busiest day of the week for me. I have lectures 9-3 which as you can tell doesn’t sound like a ball of fun. But oddly enough I actually enjoyed all my lectures today (mainly because the first lesson was over after 3o minutes, but that’s not the point)

9am lectures kill me, and if the lesson is on about something I’m not interested in then the probability of me concentrating is very low. You will probably find me scrolling through Instagram for an hour and a half.

After all my lessons are done I then head back to my very cosy and warm flat which I share with my best friend… and by warm and cosy I mean absolutely freezing! We have the coldest flat in Manchester – I’m not even joking! You will most likely find me and my flat mate (Meg) wrapped up in 4 layers or more, cups of tea (speciality may I add) hot water bottles, slippers and if we’re feeling extra chilly a blanket. This is when I miss living at home, where you would come home from school to a warm house with the fire on, sit down and watch That’s So Raven or Lizzie Mcguire on the TV.

But tonight we won’t be little old ladies drinking cups of tea as we are heading out to see one of our friends play at a gig.  I LOVE going to watch people perform, I find it so inspiring, even if its not my kind of music I will always come away from a gig wanting to sit  down at my piano and write. You get such a buzz from a live show whether in a small venue watching your friends play a few songs or a big arena show. I love that feeling.

So – I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post! I know it’s very short (I apologise)

I also don’t know how well my grammar has been throughout this. I am just going to assume it’s amazing.

Anyway until next time..

Lots of Love,

R x