Lectures, Rehearsals and Jim Chapman

Hello everyone!

So today has been a pretty busy day for a Wednesday! It started off with a nice lie in since I didn’t have to be up early for anything. (What a busy start to the day already eh!?) Once I pulled myself out of bed I started on with some Music Business revision, and stuck at that for a good 10 minutes before I got distracted by Netflix and ended up watching a documentary.

The documentary was called Blackfish and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to go and watch it. It’s a beautifully filmed documentary on Tilikum, the Killer Whale that is kept in captivity over in Sea World Orlando. It showed the heartbreaking story of the capture of Tilikum and the way he has lived for over 3o years in Seaworld. (I may have cried once or twice) I was honestly quite shocked and appalled at how everything works over there – So I would definitely recommend a watch!

After my movie morning I decided that it would be best to crack on and do more business revision like the good student that I am! Then, before I knew it I had to rush off to a lecture which I really wasn’t looking forward too – but ended up being quite insightful.

It’s been a pretty miserable day in Manchester and so as I was walking home it was raining. (Shocker) But I survived the down pour and buckled down to attempt more revision. Instead of getting distracted by Netflix, I got distracted by food this time, and I made myself the most delicious tea. Cooked right from scratch it was Chicken, Mozzarella, Onions, Olives, Pasta and a Tomato pesto. BEAUTIFUL.

I then had rehearsal,  which I look forward to every week! Unfortunately my bassist Jordan wasn’t there – but like the professionals we are, we still went ahead.  The rehearsal went brilliantly and I’m so pleased that we now have a full set down! My guitarist James and drummer Alex (who I also call Jim Chapman – If you don’t know him, google him, the resemblance is creepy) were also very pleased.

I then headed back to my little flat, and will probably watch an episode of Making a murderer or Luther. (If you haven’t seen any of these shows go and watch them now, I promise you, you will not be disappointed.)

Anyway until next time…

Lots of Love,

R x


New to this!

Hello Everyone!

So I thought it would be a really cool idea to start up a blog! Just to keep everyone updated on whats going on in my life, with my music and just general things that are happening. I’ve never done this before so I am slightly nervous…..

I don’t actually know how well I can write, my English GCSE doesn’t really say a lot (oops!) but I will give it ago anyway (HOW EXCITING!)

So today is Tuesday, and Tuesday is probably the busiest day of the week for me. I have lectures 9-3 which as you can tell doesn’t sound like a ball of fun. But oddly enough I actually enjoyed all my lectures today (mainly because the first lesson was over after 3o minutes, but that’s not the point)

9am lectures kill me, and if the lesson is on about something I’m not interested in then the probability of me concentrating is very low. You will probably find me scrolling through Instagram for an hour and a half.

After all my lessons are done I then head back to my very cosy and warm flat which I share with my best friend… and by warm and cosy I mean absolutely freezing! We have the coldest flat in Manchester – I’m not even joking! You will most likely find me and my flat mate (Meg) wrapped up in 4 layers or more, cups of tea (speciality may I add) hot water bottles, slippers and if we’re feeling extra chilly a blanket. This is when I miss living at home, where you would come home from school to a warm house with the fire on, sit down and watch That’s So Raven or Lizzie Mcguire on the TV.

But tonight we won’t be little old ladies drinking cups of tea as we are heading out to see one of our friends play at a gig.  I LOVE going to watch people perform, I find it so inspiring, even if its not my kind of music I will always come away from a gig wanting to sit  down at my piano and write. You get such a buzz from a live show whether in a small venue watching your friends play a few songs or a big arena show. I love that feeling.

So – I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post! I know it’s very short (I apologise)

I also don’t know how well my grammar has been throughout this. I am just going to assume it’s amazing.

Anyway until next time..

Lots of Love,

R x